Education Change From the Teacher's Perspective

There's been so much clamoring lately over reform in the training system it makes my head spin trying to eat the entire discussion and try to understand what exactly is being said. Let me break down in the perspective of a classroom instructor what education reform appears like.

First, along with movies like "Bad Teacher", "Waiting for Superman", etc., being a good teacher in today's harsh weather conditions are difficult. I am one of those teachers who attempts to spend just as much time as you possibly can with each of my 150+ college students teaching them to love studying and write passionately. I will be the first to admit that there are many "rotten apples" in teaching. I work with these teachers every single day and I frequently cringe or even find myself enraged over their phrases and actions. I also use many teachers who try daily to be a positive role model and impact in the life of students whilst dealing with all of the politics and policies which are thrown the way on an almost daily basis.

Second, the nation's push towards standardizing everything from assessments to curriculum is worrisome. When President Bush began pushing their "No Child Remaining Behind" policies, many of us applauded the idea because it is correct that every child can discover and be successful. Conversely, given the constraints on what we can or cannot teach, the bias of book publishers, the top-down leadership designs, crowded classes, and the mashing cuts within education, numerous good and passionate instructors are leaving education entirely. Some of the best instructors I know are said the door because they didn't have sufficient "tenure" while other teachers remain who should have been terminated long ago.

3rd, there is a lot of public misconception about the teaching profession and that misconception is squarely on the teaching profession itself. For years we have allow our labor unions fight our battles. These battles, originally over working conditions as well as pay, have now made their own way into curriculum. For example, I have worked for the past six months with a dedicated team of teachers to totally revise the way in which we teach English/Language Arts. To state that we have reinvented the actual wheel would be an apt idiom to apply. When I began teaching, my programs was based around the stories and novels that were regarded as "canonical". The new approach is the opposite. We have identified skills that our students have to know in order to be effective and utilized those abilities to design fun, engaging you will find, even fun teaching strategies that we believe will completely reverse the downward or flat trends in our schools. We faced almost insurmountable hurdles placed through our marriage in which teachers were able to take part in this process. The decisions were not based on who was perfect for the job however who was perfect for the marriage.

Fourth, parent involvement Body of the most and possibly THE most important piece of education - is missing in so many schools. My own school cannot even have a working Parent-teacher-assosiation because we can not get mother and father to help out. I am not bashing parents, don't get me wrong. Within this tough economic system, many of our people are losing their homes or both parents are working day and night and have no time for things like parent conferences and contributing to the work of the PTA. This really is by no means the responsibility of the parents, nevertheless it does have an effect on colleges and college students alike.

How can we solve the problems confidence interval calculator? If I had the answer I could change the globe single-handedly. I truly think that education change is not guidelines or laws and regulations or curriculum or teachers or parents. Education change is everybody taking obligation for our children, our future. We need to filter out all the noise in the public conversation and focus on what is actually most important -- preparing our kids for their long term adult life.

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